When Should You Service Your Regulator?

A general rule of thumb for regulator servicing, similar to BCD servicing, is that your regulator should be serviced every 100 dives or annually. Whichever comes first. For most recreational divers this will lead to a once per year servicing that will ensure your gear will continue performing for many years. Some manufacturers do recommend an inspection every year and a full service every two years so you should check what your manufacturer recommends. You should also be mindful of your obligations to the manufacturer to ensure that your warranty remains valid. With many manufacturers this does mean that you have to keep your gear serviced at 12 month intervals from a certified service center such as ours.

If you are a dive shop owner or instructor who utilizes your equipment in chlorinated pool water regularly you should consider having your gear serviced more frequently. Chlorinated water can speed up the deterioration of internal components of your regulator.

All regulator owners should consider reading our article on maintaining your regulator. This covers pre and post dive care that will help prolong the life of your equipment.

What Do We Do When Servicing A Regulator

  • Pre-Service Inspection
  • Disassemble all components
  • Clean all components
  • Clean SPG and hoses
  • Assemble components and replace worn or damaged parts with new genuine parts as required.
  • Line pressure set
  • Cracking pressure set
  • Correct SPG reading confirmed
  • All components checked for leaks
  • Components dried and a full service report completed.


 1st stage environmentally sealed (Atomic) $45.00 plus parts
1st stage $25.00 plus parts
2nd stage $25.00 plus parts
Full Face Masks $55.00 plus parts