When Should You Service Your BCD

A buoyancy compensator device (BCD) should be serviced annually or every 100 dives. Whichever comes first. This is the same interval at which you should be servicing your regulator. Some brands recommend a general inspection of your BCD every 12 months with a full servicing from an authorised service centre every two years. You will have to check with your manufacturer to find out what they recommend for your specific equipment. Common sense and consideration into the usage and the environments to which the gear is exposed is just as important. Dive shops who are constantly renting their gear to customers (and being exposed to heavily chlorinated pool water frequently) should do this much more frequently. Probably every 2-3 months. It is important to check on your warranty if there is a requirement for the gear owner to have the gear serviced every year. As this is common place.

Our BCD Servicing Uses Only Genuine Parts and Service Kits


Service $25.00 plus parts
Service (with Atomic ss1 ) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Aqualung/US Divers Air Source) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Mares AirTrim) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Scubapro Air II) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Tusa Duo Air) $45.00 plus parts