It is very important for divers to have confidence in their equipment when they are planning and participating in dives. A divers depth is one of the most important factors in planning a dive. If your depth gauge isn’t accurate there are two possible outcomes. If it is reading deeper than you really are it will cut into the amount of “bottom time” that your computer allows. This will limit the amount of fun and exploring that you can do on a dive. If it is reading too shallow this is a much worse scenario. You may unknowingly be going past your recommended bottom time and placing yourself at risk at increased risk of DCI.

We are equipped and experienced in testing computer depth gauges accurately to a depth of 230 feet. This ensures that all recreational divers as well as most tec divers can use our service to ensure they are confident that their computers or depth gauges are accurate when setting out on their next dive.

We also stock batteries for most computers and offer a battery changing service for equipment owners.

Computer/Depth Gauges

Battery Change $5.00
Accuracy Check (Recreational 130 Ft) $30.00
Accuracy Check (Technical 230 Ft) $60.00